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As a man and a musician, Brian Carrion is full of surprises. Originally relocating from Houston to Nashville in 2012, BC set about to combine unabashed sincerity with a taste for the sweetly ridiculous in his beat-heavy album heART.  Never one to shrink from the many roles entwined in his work, he set off on a completely self-booked solo tour of 40 dates following its release.  Traveling in an unassuming compact car and melding each stage show according to the whims of the moment, he has been known to burst into Disney covers alongside unannounced dance interludes and loop-based classic hip hop.  People and episodes from his travels often find their way into the stories told through his entertainer’s lens.

As versatile and varied as they come, he threads his sonic field trips through with an ever-present sense of feeling.  His internet-fueled brand, “Who is BC?”, proves to be a rhetorical question with no clear answer, as Brian continues to weave a fun-filled forward path with strands of childlike curiosity, teenage emotion, attraction and mesmerizing showmanship.

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It's a Jungle Out There

Keep your head up,

don't let'em talk you out of it, stay convicted.

Stay true to yourself,

Pay attention to your habits, understand your behavior.

Read, do yoga, meditate, laugh, make friends, make love.

Save your money, travel with it.

Do good to others, especially those who don't deserve it, you are a teacher.

You are a prophet, visualize the future and attain it.

Just as you were created, you too may create.

Follow your bliss.


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